Hi there! I'm István Korompai, a data visualization engineer with 7 years of experience in turning complex data into insightful and user-friendly visuals. My work revolves around creating data-heavy web applications and business dashboards that not only follow the best practices of data visualization but are also genuinely useful for end users.

Like many others, I ended up in data visualization because of its unique blend of engineering and design. I love the challenge and creativity that come from this intersection, and the dynamic between technical and creative problem-solving has kept me consistently engaged and motivated.

When I'm not immersed in data, you'll probably find me in the kitchen perfecting my execution of various flatbreads from around the world. It all started with pizza, but lately, I've been diving into the world of corn-based breads like arepas and tortillas from Central and South America.

I am passionate about my work and always ready to tackle new challenges with a no-nonsense approach. Let’s create something amazing together.